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一分快三彩票_renowned American investor Jim Rogers has attracted global attention with his prediction that gold prices will to $ 900 an ounce . his wood EII 两年前卸任的对冲基金经理(乔治索罗斯(George Soros)共同成立了双边基金(Quantum Fund),因此预计当时上涨到最高值的金价将降至每盎司1200美元。 Gold,he repeatedly warns,Is not a mystical commodity and its real bottom will not be reached until those investors who think it cannot fall have他警告这一点,黄金不是令人费解的商品。指出金价将暴跌的投资者都解散市场后,金价才能确实触底。

Mr Rogers is on a mission to convince the investment world to look seriously at agriculture . he explains to Elaine Moore why he thinks it will be a so Urce他向Elaine Moore解释了为什么农业会在未来几年内沦为很多投资收益来源。why do you think gold prices are going to keep falling?问:为什么指出黄金价格会持续暴跌?gold has gone up 12 years in a row,which is terribly unusual for any asset,so it would be an anomaly if there was not a correction。问:黄金价格I am terrible at market timing but I expect gold to go down 50 per cent from its peak,Which would take it to about $ 900 . I ' m not selline我不太清楚市场时间,但预计黄金价格会比最高值暴跌50%。也就是说,预计每盎司下降到约900美元的水平。

在这个阶段,我没有销售黄金,但如果黄金价格暴跌或跌至这个水平,我期待我到达的时候有必要明智地销售更多的黄金。(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特)Why does gold attract so much attention?问:为什么金子不引起那种反感的注意?I can't tell you why,but I always have the same experience . when I speak at investment events there is always some one asking about gold当我在投资界的活动上发言时我不想谈论农业。what do you want to say about agriculture?问:关于农业,你想谈什么?I think there is more money to be made in agriculture . I don ' t think we ' ve had the final bottom in gold but we must be nearing it in sugar.own 75 percent from its all-time highthere ' s not much in the world that ' s down 75 percent。



I think that farming is going to become one of the most exciting professions In the next 20 years . the average age of a farmer In the us is 58,In Korea itit is an old profession and the people in it are dying out or retiring。in the us,more people study public relations to 目前美国农民的平均年龄是58岁,韩国是65岁。


the world is facing a serious demographic and production problem . if something doesn ' t change then we won ' t have food at any price;o go up a lot to attract labour and the food and agriculture organisation has tried to get people to see this crisis . they see what I see . what more目前世界处于不利的人口结构和粮食生产如果不改变,不管出什么高价,我们都会买粮食。联合国粮农组织提出了一个希望,让人们知道只有粮食价格大幅下跌,才能获得生产所需的劳动力。他们已经看到了我看到的问题。


还有什么要说的吗?people blame it on speculators but it isn ' t about themit ' s about the fact that inventories are now at the lowest they ' ve been in recect Nd end人们把提高粮食价格的责任归咎于农产品投机者,但问题不是他们造成的——问题的根本原因,过去如果我们遇到天气问题,我们仍然有大规模的粮食储备紧急情况。而且,现在我们也有粮食储备不足,庄稼也不足的农民。

(威廉莎士比亚,哈姆雷特,食物名言)Why isn ' t there more interest in this sector?问:为什么对农业感兴趣的人不多?we ' ve had long cycles where the financial sector was in charge,followed by times when the people who make things were in charge . we ';现在我们处于中间点。when I was at college[Mr Rogers was born in 1942]People used to talk about the city and wall street as backwaters . now the kids at Oxford all1份快三彩票 wanall当我在大学学习的时候(罗杰斯出生于1942年),人们习惯了把伦敦金融市和华尔街称为射手这样的前列。现在牛津大学(Oxford University)的学生都想正式设立对冲基金。但是这个行业的基本情况已经再次发生了相当大的变化。



you set up the rici[Rogers international commodity index]in the late 1990s,how are you investing in agriculture?问:你在20世纪90年代末成立了罗杰斯国际商品指数(Rogers International Commodity Index)。你是如何在农业领域投资的?I mainly buy agricultural productsfarms . I buy publicly traded farms in Australia and Indonesia and Africa . but you can invest in tracts Ili servers问:我主要卖的是农产品3354和农场。

我在澳大利亚、印度尼西亚和非洲收购了公开宣布交易的农场。也可以投资拖拉机、化肥、种子3354。 what else are you currently investing in?问:您现在在其他领域投资吗?Well,Apart from agriculture I ' m looking at the us dollar be cause there will be more currency turmoil in the future and I think a lot of people are问:除了农业之外,我们还关注美元走势。


此外,我还出售航空公司股票,关注俄罗斯局势。自1966年以来,我对那个国家仍然持乐观态度,但我正在调整这个观点。what are your views on passive investment?问:您对手动投资模式有何看法?there are plenty of studies that show that index investing outperforms 80 per cent of active managers,so passive investing is the best way for most investors . if you are a good stock picker then Do that如果善于选股,当然可以这样做,但关于研究证据的证据基本上很有说服力地指出,大多数人不应该使用被动投资。